11 Jul 2011

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Prophets and Rejection

Prophets and Rejection

Prophets seem to be prone to abuse. I asked a friend of mine why prophets seem to go through the hurt and rejection they do and his answer was profound. He said that the suffering of the prophetic ministry is so that you can identify with the sufferings of Christ himself.  What a wonderful privileged!  Christ, although fully victorious, was in fact a man of sorrows, acquainted with suffering and rejection himself. He was not received by his own, yet he dwelt among them. This is the job of the prophet. He is to dwell amongst a people that will not receive him/her and declare the message of God in the midst of possible rejection and hurt. In my short time in prophetic ministry, its been very rare that I’ve found a group of people who will receive the word of the Lord and take it seriously. Often the word is flat out denied, or at best I’ll get a pat on the back for good effort. (Are we really that spiritually dull?)

Spiritual birthing is something that is messy, laborious and painful.  Unless the baby is rejected from the womb, the vision will not come forth.  Others not familiar with the prophetic ministry have no clue the travail of prayer and the constant pushing in the spirit that we content for. These works are taxing on the prophet both physically and spiritually. Those reading who have prophets in your church or minister to prophets, please remember this and encourage them to take time to rest and have recreation outside of spiritual ministry. Cover them in prayer because they need it due to the spiritual warfare they encounter on an almost DAILY basis. Our foe is staunchly against the prophetic ministry because the prophets are bold enough to confront and expose his works.  It was through a prophet Israel was delivered and it is through a prophet Israel is preserved.

However just as the prophets of old were persecuted and even killed for what they said, so will prophets in this day relate with the persecution of obscurity and the suffering of possible rejection.  So I’d like to advise a few things to deal with rejection:

1. Develop a thankful heart. Paul said for us to give thanks in ALL things. Even to rejoice in suffering, for when we do we become stronger and God is using these moments to train his prophets. Thank God continually for his grace in your life and live a life of forgiveness.  Release any hurt and rejection done against you and forgive those completely who were offended.

2. Realize that not everyone is out to get you. Because you were hurt or denied by one leader, realize that God has accepted you and has not left you nor forsaken you. Often times rejection comes along with hurtful words, curses or false prophecy given by controlling leaders or Jezebel. Do not accept the false words about you and replace them with what the word of God says concerning your life.

3. Be open to constructive criticism. Most of the time issues can be worked out with good communication and understanding. Prophecy will cease, but love will always endure. Is the judgment truly rejection, or is it meant to help develop you as a person? Be careful of being too sensitive to comments and treatment that can be interpreted as someone not accepting you or your ministry. God is the one who raises up one and puts down another. He is fully capable of dealing with leaders who missed it. The truth is, your not the 4th member of the trinity anyway! The world will not fall apart because they did not receive your prophetic word.

Don’t let hurt and rejection get the best of you! You’ve got a great purpose and destiny to fulfill but you won’t be able to move forward unless you heal. If your dealing with some offense or rejection I suggest you take a rest for a few weeks, sit at the feet of Jesus and let him touch those areas of your life before you engage in your ministry. We as prophets should be doing this on a regular basis anyway. I for one, need to do this more.


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  1. This article has brought so much clarity and understanding. Very profound and liberating. Thank you.

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