Here is a list of valid and passionate prophetic ministries sending forth the voice of the Lord in Chicago. We do not claim direct affiliation with these ministries and do our best to only validate prophetic ministries that we see as humble, and living righteously before the Lord. Some of these links are not to prophets, but to churches that I personally know flow in prophetic ministry and teach and train prophets.

Scott Wallis

In 1991, Scott Wallis began writing his first book of prophecy entitled Decade of Destiny. This prophetic book is a look at the destiny of the church and nation of America. It was written to describe things that would take place in the decade of the nineties and beyond the year 2000. This book has proven to be an extremely accurate picture of what God is doing in the earth today.

Michelle has passion to empower a generation to exercise the authority of the Kingdom in every arena of life. God has anointed her to mentor, teach and train many sons and daughters so they can fulfill their destinies in the earth.

Michelle has traveled to over 40 nations and several cities in the U. S partnering with senior church leaders to release strategies that advance the Kingdom of God in their territory. She has conducted schools of the prophet that have activated thousands in the art of hearing the voice of God.

Crusaders Church in Chicago under the leadership of Apostle John Eckhardt, is the headquarters church and international apostolic base for the IMPACT Network. Crusaders is a powerful inner-city church not only impacting Chicago, but with a vision and divine mandate to bring apostolic reformation to the nations.

In 2010 while pastoring the church they planted and served at in Waukegan, Illinois since 1999, Laudir and Sarai sensed that God was calling them to begin a new work in a new place.  As they gave this sense over to prayer, they came to the conclusion that it was time for them to move to Chicago and adventure with God in planting a new church. Northside is a new wineskin church that ties together Ephesians 4 ministry with Organic Church models and house churches.

Greg Howse is the senior leader of Cornerstone Christian Center, a multi-ethnic, cross-cultural congregation in the south suburbs of Chicago.  He has been leading this local church since 1982.  Cornerstone’s constituency is African-American, Caucasian, and Hispanic/Latino.  He was commissioned to function as an apostle in July, 2001.

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